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Photoshop shortcuts keys

Control + Alt + i ( Command + Option + i ) = Change the image size.
Control + Alt + c ( Command + Option + c ) = Change canvas size.
Control + + ( Command + + ) = Zoom in.
Control + - ( Command + - ) = Zoom out.
Control + ; ( Command + ; ) = Show guides, the custom-placed single straight lines that help you align objects to one another.
Control + ' ( Command + ' ) = Show grid, the automatically generated horizontal and vertical lines that help align objects to the canvas.

Choosing the Right Tools
These shortcuts will activate the previously selected tool in the group of tools. For example, if you have last used the Magic Wand tool under the selection tools, the "w" shortcut enables the Magic Wand tool -- even though it's not the default selection tool. But, if you haven't used any tool in the group, it will enable the default tool. Make sense?
Note: To cycle through tools that share the same shortcut, press Shift + the shortcut key. Or, hold Alt (Option on a Mac) and manually click on the tool in the toolbar.
v = Pointer, a.k.a. Move Tool (Also: Artboard)
w = Magic Wand (Also: Quick Selection)
m = Rectangular Marquee, a.k.a. the Select Tool (Also: Elliptical Marquee, Single Row Marquee, Single Column Marquee)
l = Lasso (Also: Polygonal Lasso, Magnetic Lasso)
i = Eyedropper (Also: Color Sampler, Ruler, Note, Count)
c = Crop (Also: Slice, Slice Select)
e = Eraser (Also: Background Eraser, Magic Eraser)
u = Rectangle (Also: Rounded Rectangle, Ellipse, Polygon, Line, Custom Shape)
t = Horizontal Type (Also: Vertical Type, Horizontal Type Mask, Vertical Type Mask)
b = Brush (Also: Pencil, Color Replacement, Mixer Brush)
h = History Brush (Also: Art History Brush)
j = Spot Healing Brush (Also: Healing Brush, Patch, Red Eye)
g = Gradient (Also: Paint Bucket)
p = Path Selection (Also: Direct Selection)
h = Hand
r = Rotate View
p = Pen (Also: Freeform Pen)
s = Clone Stamp (Also: Pattern Stamp)
o = Dodge (Also: Burn, Sponge)
z = Zoom Tool
k = Enable 3D Object Tools (in Photoshop Extended only)
n = Enable 3D Camera Tools (in Photoshop Extended only)
Using the Brush Tool
With the brush settings, you can change the size, shape, and transparency of your brush strokes to achieve a number of different visual effects. ( Learn more about the brush tool here .)
To use these keyboard shortcuts, first select the Brush tool by pressing
, or . = Select previous or next brush style.
Shift + , or . = Select first or last brush style used.
Caps Lock or Shift + Caps Lock ( Caps Lock ) = Display precise cross hair for brushes.
Shift + Alt + p ( Shift + Option + p ) = Toggle airbrush option.
Using the Marquee Tool (for Slicing/Selecting)
When used correctly, the marquee (or "select") tool will let you select individual elements, entire graphics, and determines what is copied, cut, and pasted into your graphics. ( Learn more about the marquee tool here .)
To use these keyboard shortcuts, first select the Marquee tool by pressing
m .
Control ( Command ) = Toggle between Slice tool and Slice Selection tool.
Shift-drag = Draw square slice.
Alt-drag ( Option-drag ) = Draw from center outward.
Spacebar-drag = Reposition the slice while creating the slice.
Using Different Blending Options
Blending options include quite a number of features to enhance the look or your graphic. Blending options are located in the top menu bar under Layer > Layer Style > Blending Options, or you can double-click any layer to bring up the options for that particular layer. ( Learn more about blending options here .)
Once you open blending options, you can cycle through blending modes manually by selecting them from the toolbar on the right-hand side of your screen above the layers panel.
Or, you could use keyboard shortcuts to select them without moving your mouse.
To use these keyboard shortcuts, select the Move tool and then select the layer you'd like to use the blending options on.
Shift + + or – = Cycle through blending modes.
Shift + Alt + n ( Shift + Option + n ) = Normal
Shift + Alt + i ( Shift + Option + i ) = Dissolve
Shift + Alt + k ( Shift + Option + k ) = Darken
Shift + Alt + g ( Shift + Option + g ) = Lighten
Shift + Alt + m ( Shift + Option + m ) = Multiply
Shift + Alt + o ( Shift + Option + o ) = Overlay
Shift + Alt + u ( Shift + Option + u ) = Hue
Shift + Alt + t ( Shift + Option + t ) = Saturation
Shift + Alt + y ( Shift + Option + y ) = Luminosity
(For even more blending shortcuts, click here .)
Manipulating Layers & Objects
If you want to modify an object or get complex with multiple layers, here are several shortcuts you should know:
Control + a ( Command + a ) = Select all objects
Control + d ( Command + d ) = Deselect all objects
Shift + Control + i ( Shift + Command +
i ) = Select the inverse of the selected objects
Control + Alt + a ( Command + Option + a ) = Select all layers
Control + Shift + E ( Command + Shift + e ) = Merge all layers
Alt + . ( Option + . ) = Select top layer
Alt + , ( Option + , ) = Select bottom layer
(Note: In the following three commands, the brackets [ ] are the keystrokes in the command, and the word "or" refers to the word -- as in press one bracket OR the other -- not the letters "o" and "r.")
Alt + [ or ] ( Option + [ or ] ) = Select next layer down or up
Control + [ or ] ( Command + [ or ] ) = Move target layer down or up
Control + Shift + [ or ] ( Command + Shift + [ or ] ) = Move layer to the bottom or top
Shift + Control + n ( Shift + Command +
n ) = Create a new layer
Control + g ( Command + g ) = Group selected layers
Control + Shift + g ( Command + Shift +
g ) = Ungroup selected layers
Control + e ( Command + e ) = Merge and flatten selected layers
Control + Shift + Alt + e ( Command +
Shift + Option + e ) = Combine all layers into a new layer on top of the other layers
(This means that you'll have one combined layer and all the elements of that layer in separate layers below, unlike a traditional merge and flatten layers command.)
d = Return the colors in your color picker back to default (black and white)
x = Switch foreground and background colors in the color picker
Control + t ( Command + t ) = Transform your object, which includes resizing and rotating
Saving Your Work for Later
So you've finished working on your project and now you want to share it with the world. Save time saving your project by using these simple shortcuts:
Control + Shift + s ( Command + Shift + s ) = Save your work as
Control + Shift + Alt + s ( Command +
Shift + Option + s ) = Save for web and devices
Do you have any Photoshop shortcuts up your sleeve? Share them with the rest of us in the comments below.
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Friday, 3 March 2017

Photoshop Jankari (Hindi)


Adobe photoshop graphic designing ke liye ek bahut hi best aur popular tool hai. Basically iss tool ko passport size photo banane ke liye recomend kiya jata hai. Iss software ka use log apne business me graphics design karne ke liye karte hai. For example iss application ka use blogging me, wedding card design karne me ya bahut se other business ke liye karte hai. Photoshop ka use karne ke liye hume sabse pehle photoshop tools ki basic jaankari honi chahiye.
Agar aap soch rahe hai ki photoshop kaise sikhe, to ye post aapke kaam aa sakti hai. Yaha se aap photoshop basic ke bare me jaan sakte hai. Aur photoshop tools ka use kaise karte hai iski basic jaankari bhi pata chal jayegi.
Starting me photoshop use karne me thodi dificulty mehsoos kar sakte hai. But ek baar aap isse use kar lenge to aapko ye kaafi aasaan lagne lagega. To chaliye aapka jyada time naa lete hue photoshop tools ko detail me samjhate hai.
Photoshop Tools Ke Shortcuts
Photoshop Tools Ki Basic Jaankari Hindi Me Sikhe
Adobe Photoshop ke tools ka use karne ke liye sabse pehle apni photo ko open kare ya new file generate kare.
1. File tab me jaye.
2. New par click karke new layer ganerate kar sakte hai.
3. Open par click karke apne computer gallery se photo select kar sakte hai.
Advance Excel Me Concatenate Formula Kaise Use Kare
Photoshop Layer Kya Hai
Layer photoshop me available ek transparent sheet hoti hai. Iss transparent sheet me aap one by one karke kai sheet add kar sakte hai. Pictures ki in sabhi sheets ko layer kehte hai. Forexample photo ka background aur foregrond alag alag layers ho sakti hai. F7 key press karke photoshop me layer box dekh sakte hai, aur wapas F7 se isse hide kar sakte hai.
Photoshop Tools
PhotoShop Tools Detail
Data Validation List Kya Hai MS Excel Me
Marquee Tool (M)
Iss tool ki help se photo ke kisi perticular part ko select kar cut aur copy kar sakte hai. Marquee tool par right click karne se 4 alag alag shape me iska use kar sakte hai.
Photoshop Tools
Rectangular marque tool se photo ko square (choukor) select kar sakte hai.
Elliptical marquee tool se photo ko round shape (golakar) select kar sakte hai.
Single row marque tool se photo me horizontally line select kar sakte hai.
Single column marque tool se photo me vertical single line select kar sakte hai.
Advance Excel Me Home Tab Ki Puri Jaankari
Move Tool (V)
Iss tool ki help se photo me layer ko ek jagah se dusri jagah par move kar sakte hai. Move karne ke liye layer par click hold rakhe. Aur jaha par layer set karna hai, vaha par click chhod dijiye.
H Lookup Aur V Lookup
Lasso Tool (L)
Photoshop tools me lasso tool bhi photo me perticular part ko select karne ke liye use hota hai. Ye tool marquee tool ka similar hai. But isme kisi photo ke background, foreground ko aur bhi acche tarike se select kar sakte hai.
Iss tool me teen subtools hai, jiska use alag alag tarah se kar sakte hai.
Lasso tool se pencil ki tarah frilly select kar sakte hai, photo ke kisi part ko select karne ke liye start point par hold click karke end point par chhod dene se baki selection automatically ho jata hai.
Polygonal lasso tool ko aap point to point click karke select kar sakte hai, starting point se drow karte hue agle point par click karne se perticular part select ho jata hai. Issi tarah se baki ka part click kar sakte hai. Agar galti ho jaye to point to point delete key se deselect bhi kar sakte hai
Magnetic lasso tool photo me colour ke according kaam karta hai. Selection ke starting point par click kar de. Iske baad mouse ko without click selection part par move karte rahe. Ye tool magnet ki tarah kaam karta hai, same color ko automatically select ho jayega.
Chori Hone Par Apne Mobile Data Ko Remotely Delete Kaise Kare
Magic Wand Tool (W)
Photoshop tools me magic wand tool ka use photo ke kisi perticular part ke color ko select karne ke liye hota hai. Color matching ke according magic wand tool selection karta hai. Agar aapki photo me 4 color hai, aur iss tool ka use karke aap kisi ek color par click karte hai to ye sirf ussi color ko select karega.
Computer Par Restricted Sites Ko Unblock Kaise Kare
Crop Tool (C)
Photoshop tools ke crop tool se apni photo ko acchi tarah se crop kar sakte hai. For example apni photo ko crop karke uska background change kar sakte hai.
Facebook Par Apne Online Status Ko Hide Kaise Kare
Slice Select Tool (K)
Iss Tool se hum ek canvas ko kai alag alag tukdo me devide kar sakte hai, aur har slice ke liye different setting kar sakte hai. Iske sath hi har slice ko alag url, name, aur message ke sath set kar sakte hai.
Facebook Me Apne Profile Name Ko Kaise Change Kare
Healing Brush Tool (J)
Iss tool ki help se photo editing me huyi galatiyo ko sudhar sakte hai. Forexample picture me spots, scratches ko repair kar sakte hai.
Facebook Par Autoplay Video Ko Kaise Stop Kare
Brush & Pencil Tool (B)
Iss tool ka use aap brush aur pencil ki tarah kar sakte hai. Apnie image par par mark karne ke liye brush aur pencil dono ka use kar sakte hai.
Email Me Facebook Notification Ko Block Kaise Kare
Clone Or Pattern Stamp Tool (S)
Ye tool clone ki tarah stamp ki tarah kaam karta hai. Forexample jaise aap stamp pad me thumb lagakar kisi paper par thumb impression dete hai. Iss tool ki help se alt+click se selected item picture me dusri jagah par paste hota hai.
Facebook Par 5 Minute Me 5000 Likes Kaise Badhaye
History Brush Tool (Y)
Iss tool ka use undo ki tarah hota hai, undo se purane changes ko wapas reset kiya jata hai. Vaise hi history brush tool se layer me jitne changes kiye hai, vo brush ke dwara wapas set ho jate hai. Iska ek or subtool hai art history brush tool, isse canvas pas click karne par automatically shapes create ho jate hai.
Kaise Pata Kare Aapne Google Par Ab Tak Kya Kuch Search Kiya Hai
Erase Tool (E)
Iss tool ki help se apni photo ke upari layer ko erase kar sakte hai. Forexample aapne photoshop me apni photo open ki hai, to iss tool ka use karke apni photo mita sakte hai. Iske baad photo ka transparent layer hi reh jayega.
Delete Ho Jane Par Gmail Account Recover Kaise Kare
Paint Bucket Tool (G)
Iss tool se aap apni photo ke background ko ek sath color se bhar sakte hai. Ya kisi layer ko ek click me same colour se fill kar sakte hai. Agar aapki photo ka background white hai to isse ek click me green ya kisi dusre color me change kar sakte hai.
Kisi Bhi Website Ka Font Style Kaise Pata Kare
Blur Tool (R)
Iss tool ka use karke aap apni photo ya image ka koi perticular part ya puri image dhundli kar sakte hai. isse aap apni privacy banaye rakh sakte hai, aur apni image me kisi perticular part ko blur karke chupa sakte hai. Isme aapko 3 subbools milte hai, jisse alag alag tarah se apni photo ko blur kar sakte hai.
Paytm Kya Hai Aur Paytm Account Kaise Banaye
Dodge Tool (O)
Iss tool ki help se aap apni photo ko dark ya aur bhi jyada light kar sakte hai.
Twitter Par 140 Characters Se Lambe Tweets Kaise Kare
Path Selection Tool (A)
Iss tool ki help se kai sheets ya layers me kisi perticular ek layer ko select karne ke liye hota hai. Forexample canvas par 20 layers ke sath kaam kar rahe hai. Aur unn 20 layers me kisi ek shape ko select ya move karna hai, to iss tool se layer selection me vo layer select ho jayegi. Iska ek or subtool hai direct selection tool.
Twitter Par Spam Followers Ko Kaise Block Kare
Type Tool (T)
Iss tool ki help se aap apni photo par type kar sakte hai. Isme 4 alag alag type ke text key kar sakte hai. For example 2 tarah se horizontal aur verticle type text likh kar sakte hai.
Twitter Par Follow Request Ko Prevent Kaise Kare
Pen Tool (P)
Ye bhi ek photo selection tool hai, jiski help se aap photo ke perticular part ko select kar sakte hai. For example aapne ek photo open ki hai, aur uske face ko select karna chahte hai. Iske liye sabse pehle pen tool par click kijiye, aur ab face ke starting selection point par click kare. iske baad chhote chhote hisse me face area par click karte rahe. Akhir me starting point par click karenge to aapka pura face select ho jayega.
Facebook Aur Twitter Ko Ek Sath Kaise Jode
Custom Shape Tool (U)
Iss tool ka use graphic designing me hota hai, jisse aap different shape bana sakte hai.
5 Minutes Me Twitter Followers Ko Kaise Badhaye
Notes Tool (N)
Photoshop tools ke iss tool ki help se apni photo par koi bhi notes likh sakte hai. Iss tool ko select karne baad apni photo par click kare. Ab jo box open hoga usme notes likhe.
Youtube Se Video Download Kaise Kare
Eyedropper Tool (I)
Photoshop tools me Iss tool ki help se aap apni photo me available colors ka use kar sakte hai. For example photo ke kisi perticular part ke color ko text, paint, pencil ya brush me use karna hai to eyedropper tool se easily color select kar sakte hai.
Youtube Par Video Upload Kaise Karte Hai
Hand Tool (H)
Agar selected photo ko zoom karte hai, to iss tool ki help se usse upar niche, daye baye move kar sakte hai.
Youtube Ki Sabhi Video Me Subscribe Button Kaise Add Kare
Zoom Tool (Z)
Edit karte time iss tool ki help se apni photo zoom out aur zoom in kar sakte hai.
Youtube Browser Me Unwanted Video Ko Block Kaise Kare
Color Selection Tool
Photoshop tools me iss tool ka use color ko fill karne ke liye kiya jata hai. Jab bhi hum text, paint, pencil ya brush tool ka use karte hai, to color selection tool se alag alag color set kar sakte hai. For example background color aur foreground color etc.
Computer Par WhatsApp Kaise Chalaye
Quick Mast Mode Edit Tool (Q)
Iss tool se aap apni photo ka mask taiyar karke alag save rakh sakte hai. Aur dusri copy me apni editing kar sakte hai. agar koi galati ho gayi to wapas dusri picture ka use kar sakte hai.
PAN Card Ke Liye Online Apply Kaise Kare
Screen Mode Tool (F)
Photoshop me open photo ko iss tool ki help se full mode me kiya ja sakta hai. Iss tool ka use photo ko full screen mode me karne ke liye hota hai.
Mobile Apps Kaise Banaye Blog Or Website Ke Liye
Jump To Image Ready Tool (Ctrl+Shift+M)
Iss tool help se aap apni taiyar hui photo par jump karke uska preview dekh sakte hai. Aur dubara click karke wapas current mode me aa sakte hai.
Photoshop tools ke inn sabhi tools se aap aasaani se photoshop ka use kar sakte hai. Ummeed hai aapko inn sabhi tools ki jaankari samajh me aayi hogi. Agar phir bhi aapka koi saval ho to hume comment karke puchh sakte hai. Aur agar ye photoshop tools ki detail helpful lage to isse social media sites par apne dosto ke sath share bhi jarur kare.
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Friday, 24 February 2017

Photoshop Tricks

Jesa ki aap sabhi log jante hi hai ki Photoshop Editing ka sabse best software hai aur sabhi professional Editor iska upyog karte hai par sawal uthta hai ki Photoshop sikhe kaise to Dosto main apne blog me apko Photoshop ki kuch aisi Tricks btau ga jisse aap bhi Ek professional Editor ke jese Edit karne lgo ge yaha par mene professional kyu bolo because Editing To har koi kar sakta hai but ek professional Editor Photoshop ki madat se aisi Edit krta hai jisse Photo real bhi lagti hai aur edit bhi ho jati hai jese ab hamko kisi photo ka Background change karna hai maan lo hamne kar bhi liya but vo pic se mel nhi khata aur hamari photo fake dikhne lagti hai ab yahi kam agr ek professional Editor karta hai to mano sach me vo photo ka background real lagne lgta.. So friends Photoshop jitna hi aap sikho ge utna hi better kar pao ge aur han iske liye apko kahi jane ki jarurt nhi hai main yahi kuch tricks dunga jiski help se aap Photoshop ka better use kar sakte aaj main aap logo ko photo ka background kaise change karte hai Photoshop me yahi btau ga. Dosto main ye link de raha hu jisko click kar ke video me aap dekh sakte hai ki background kaise change karte aur normal photo ko DSLR jesi kaise bna sakte..

Photoshop History in Hindi :
Hum sab jante hai ki Photoshop image editing ki duniya ka sabse popular or kaafi powerful image editing software hai . Or har aaj koi Photoshop use karna chahta hai . To chaliye thoda piche jate hai pata kart hai ki itna popular software bana kaise .
Thomas Knoll , 1987 me PHD ke student the or Engineering ki padhai Michigan university me kar rahe the . Thomas Knoll ne us time ek new mac plus computer liya tha . lakin is mac plus computer me thodi problem ye thi ki ye 1 bit balck and white (Gray-scale) image ko dislplay nahi kar sakta tha . jo ki unke liye ek samasya thi – kahte hai na aavakskta , aviskaar ki janni hai .
Is problem ko dur karne ke liye Thomas Knoll ne coding or program banana chalu kiya . kaafi koshis or mehnat ke baad thoam knoll ne is problem ko solve kar liya .unhone ek program banaya jo ki monochrome image ko badal kar computer monitor par gray scale display deta tha . Thomas knall ke bhai john knall ko jab bhai ke is program ke bare me pata chala to unhone ne bhi isme intrest dikhaya .
Hum aapko ye bata de ki John knoll jo ki use time ILM (Industrial Light and Magic) me special effects department me kam karte the ve us time 1st star war movie me kam kar rahe the . ILM aaj diniya ke bade studios me aata hai jo Hollywood ki films me VFX ka work karta hai . John ne apne bhi ke project me saath mil kar kaam karne ki thani , John ne apne bhi Thomas Knoll ko is chote se program ko ek powerful image editing software banane ko kaha .
start me inhone is program ko ” Display ” ka name diya but baad me dono bhiyo ne is program ko or improve kiya or develop kiya fir is program ka name change karke “Image-pro” kar diya or is software ko 1988 me launch kiya . dono bhaiyo ne is program ko ek application ke jaisa bachna chalu kiya or ise bachne ke liye unhone iska name “Image-pro” se change karke
“Photoshop” kar diya.
Kuch time sell karne ke baad dono bhi is software ko lekar kai company ke pass gaye par kisi bhi company ne unka ye software nahi liya . kai koshiso or kai company ke chakar lagate lagate finally September 1988 me ek company ke sath usni deal hui . use company ka name tha adobe system . Adobe System ne Photoshop ke hole sell ke rights le liye . fir kya dono bhai Photoshop ko or behtar banane me lag gaye . kuch hi salo me (1990) unhone Photoshop ka 1st version launch kiye Photoshop 1.0
Photoshop Kya Hai Puri Jankari Hindi Main
To dosto is tareh se Photoshop market me aaya . Photoshop 1.0 ke baad Photoshop ke kai sare version aaye or Photoshop grow hota chala gaya or aaj Photoshop Image Editing Duniya ka sabse popular software ban gaya. Dosto humne Photoshop ki history ke bare me thodi jankari li . ab hum jante hai ki Photoshop kya hai uska use kaha kaha hota hai .
Photoshop Kya hai :
Adobe Photoshop Raster Graphic Editing software hai , Photoshop me hum Image ko edit or compose kar sakte hai . Photoshop me Layers , masks , Filters , Text or Photoshop ke tools hai jin ki help se hum kisi bhi image ko edit kar sakte hai . Photoshop ab 3D graphic or video ko bhi support karta hai or inj sab khubiyo ke vajah se yah or bhi powerful software ban jata hai .
Photoshop kai sare color space ko bhi support karta hai jaise ki RGB , CMYK , Gray scale , Lab color space , spot color and duo tone . Photoshop lagbhag sabhi tarah ke graphic or image file ko support karta hai . Photoshop ke kuch apne file format bhi hai jaise ki PSD and PSB .
Photoshop Ka Use Kon Kon Karta Hai Or Kaha Use Kiya Jata Hai :
Photoshop ka use jyada tar photographer karte hai image ko edit karne me . jaise ki kisi image a background change karne me , color correction karne me , enhance karne me . Par aaj kal to Photoshop lagbhag har koi use karta hai or yah kai industry me use kiya jata hai . Photoshop Print media me bhi kafi jyada use hota hai , Photoshop ka use web design me bhi kiya jata hai , logo design me bhi kiya jata hai , fashion industry me models ke photo ko fine enhance karne me retouch karne me Photoshop ka kaafi use kiya jata hai .
Photoshop ko use scientific research me bhi kiya jata hai , Photoshop ka kaafi use Film industry me bhi kiya jata hai wire removal or matte painting karne me , CG UV Texture banane me . To kahne ka matlab ye hai ki aaj k samay me Photoshop har koi use karta hai or shikhna chahta hai .
dosto Photoshop ke bare me hum aane vali post me or jyada janege or shikhenge par aaj ke liye itna hi . ye post Photoshop Kya Hai Puri Jankari Hindi Main kaisi lagi comment karke jarur bataye.

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